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We Specialize in Hand Forged Contemporary Jewelry and Local Sacramento Art

Little Relics hosts Doggie paws & Front Street shelter


A special night to honor and help fundraise for our beloved no-kill Front Street Shelter. We will be featuring the artist Michelle Mackenzie and her work. Special raffle 100% goes to Front Street Shelter as well as 10% of art sales and 30% of jewelry sales donated to our fur friends at Front Street. Please join us. Pets available for adoption.

Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos

Rob-O and Philip York
Simpson nov1&2 @littlerelics

@littlerelics908 21st Street, Sacramento


Cathy Rowe, solo show

August Finale Show: Eternally Ethereal

Little Relics is featuring yet another local artist named Cathy Rowe for the upcoming month of August. With her original talent, she brings life to a fictional world with acrylic paint and a canvas. With the strokes of her brush she takes Earth’s beautiful flowers and turns them into the dresses of beautiful women dancing through our most dreamt of landscapes. The alteration between earth and humanity is inspiring and captivates those who dare to look at the adventures created. The technical strengths shown in her painting are easily composition and contrast. The use of dark skies and light dancers really bring the eyes of the viewer in and around the pieces.

Show Run 8/4-8/29
Special Events:


Death & Beauty by Judith Monroe

Show run July 7-31
Photo embellished Mixed Media Collage



Death & Beauty by Judith Monroe

Judith Monroe known for her beautiful photo embellished landscapes has ventured to the Victorian-centric macbre. Inspired by the slumber of death and is truly peaceful state, Judith creates an all new show embracing the circle of life and all of its nuances and other beautiful things.

Show Run 7/7-7/31
Special events
Kick-off 7/10 6-9
2nd Sat 7/12 11-9
Grand Finale 7/31 6-9


Sun and Soil’s First Day Open is Monday June 9th!!

Sun and Soil’s First Day Open is Monday June 9th!!.

Eclectic Strikes Again!

Eclectic Strikes Again!

Rob-O, Molly Brown, Krissi Sandvik, and Kim Scott come together to create a visual medley. Come by Little Relics to take in the hodgepodge of colors and styles. As always, kidlets and doggies are welcome!

Stitched Pottery by Kyle Lawson

This show is featuring a range of wheel thrown pottery from functional mugs and bowls to sculptural vessels and decorative candle holders. Come experience the alluring colors displayed on Kyle Lawson’s hand made pottery.



A big thank you to everyone who came to celebrate the kick-off last night! It was a total blast and we hope to do it again for Second Saturday.

Racer by Peter Wedel

Racer by Peter Wedel

One of Pete’s pieces for May’s show. Graphite on paper $75.

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